All HD5 Tractors are sleeper cabs to ensure the driver stays with the product at all times. HD5’s fleet of Freightliner 122SD’s is prepared to get the job done. Tough on the outside, comfortable on the inside, and always up for a hard day’s work, the Freightliner 122SD is delivered ready to haul heavy loads through challenging environments. From oil and gas fields to highways and back again with ease. Freightliners make dirty and difficult jobs easier. We offer upgraded equipment for a better safety standard.

Tankers MC331

All HD5 Tankers are hard-shell for pressurized NGL cargo. HD5’s fleet of trailers include Mississippi Trailers and Exosent Trailers in a variety of sizes 10,600, 11,600, etc. However, as we continually evolve, we have shifted our focus to purchasing Exosent Trailers more exclusively. Exosent Engineering is the home of the low center of gravity MC 331. The trailer design lowers the center of gravity by over a foot and reducing the risk of a rollover by 30%. The shape of the tank and Exosent Baffles reduce surges in the tank and increase stability-enhancing safety for the driver, customer, and the motoring public. Offer only hard shells, specifically for y-grade raw materials.